The Promo Product Network


Whether you’re a company with Promotional Products looking to team up producers or a company who just wants to promote products to the Cast and Crew, the Team at Motion Picture has created a way to give filmmakers the ability to find them.

The Promo Network is designed for Corporations, or the Companies who represent them, to market these products to Motion Picture Industry. With so many products out there, it gives filmmakers the ability to find them and contact individual to get them.


Let’s begin with the search terms that we've created that help a filmmaker find equipment just from using our Key Search: 

Product Name – In a few words describe what you marketing to Users.

Photo This photo will be the search result photo.

Search Terms Each Profile Page gives users the ability to add as many search terms associated with the product or service you are marketing.

Other Networks The Team at Motion Picture Space has made it easy for you to also market each product on the Vendor, Product Placement, and Promo Network just by clicking on a box.


After you have finished with all the search terms related to your Product, you will then add all the information you would like to showcase on your Product Placement Profile Page.

Notes – Publish a brief paragraph about your Cleared Product on your Profile Page. 

Website Links – Companies and Individuals who already have websites can publish the link on the Profile Page. Clicking on the “Auto Redirect” option will take Users directly to that website.

External Video – Companies or Individuals can publish a presentation video about their Cleared Products that are on other streaming networks such as YouTube, Vimeo—just by copying and pasting its URL.

Photo Gallery – Each Profile Page allows you to publish up to 20 images associated with the Cleared Products you are marketing, with search terms optional.

PDF File - Each Profile Page allows you to publish up to 10 PDF files associated to the Cleared Products you are marketing.


Motion Picture Space is not a Social Media Network.

It’s a professional space consisting of multiple network where individuals and companies can market themselves, their services, and products to the Motion Picture Industry.