The Original Marketing Page


As the demand for content continues to grow the demand for film crews is growing daily. The team at Motion Picture Space has created a Staff and Crew Network to help manage that demand. We’ve created a place that gives everybody the ability to market themselves to the motion picture industry.


Let’s begin with the search terms that we've created that help a filmmaker find a film just from using our Key Search: 

Department & Positions – Film crews can market themselves by department and position and if the position you work in doesn’t already exist you can click on the word “other” in the drop-down menu and add your position in the text box. The network also allows users to market themselves in multiple positions for those of you who may be looking to move up to the next level in your department.

Work Availability – The network has an Availability Switch that give user the ability to instantly let the industry know they are available to work.

Union – The Network is designed to help users find crew based their union affiliate number. It also gives film makers the ability to search for non-union crew just by entering the word none in the search box. The Staff & Crew Network welcomes everyone to be a part of it whether they are in a union or not.

Gender – Something that has become very important in the motion picture industry is acknowledging a person’s gender. So, we thought it would be important give individuals that option.

Language - The motion picture industry is a global business. The Team at Motion Picture Space has taken this into consideration by creating a platform that gives filmmakers from all over the world the ability to find crew that speaks in any languages they may need.

Proximity – The Proximity search gives film makers the ability to find Staff & Crew located anywhere in the U.S. and even the world. This option is designed for filmmakers to network within their own cities to make a motion picture.


After you have finished with all the search terms related to your department and position you will then add all the information you would like to showcase on your Staff & Crew Profile Page.

Certificates Staff & Crew members can publish any certificates associated to their position they may have on their profile page.

Representation & Management – Be sure your manager or agent’s information is highlighted here.

Specialty Information – Staff & Crew members can also publish and Specialty Information about position on their profile page. 

Website Links – Staff & Crew who already have websites can publish their link on the profile page. They can also click on the Auto Redirect option that will automatically take Users directly to that website once they click on your search result.

Personal or Presentation Video – The MPS Network gives Staff & Crew members the ability to publish personal or presentation videos that they have created on smart devices.

External Video – Staff & Crew members can publish any presentation video or professional Real about themselves or their position that is currently on other networks such as YouTube, Vimeo, just by copying and pasting its URL.

Resume – Publishing your resume on your profile page is fast and easy. It’s been designed for users to list the project name, city it was made, and the year you worked on it. It also gives the user the ability to upload images related to the project and copy and paste the URL of any video associated to it from other streaming services.  


The Motion Picture Space Team has created a place for film crews who are currently in the motion picture industry or those of you looking to get their start.


Motion Picture Space is not a Social Media Network.

It’s a professional space consisting of multiple network where individuals and companies can market themselves, their services, and products to the Motion Picture Industry.